SSR-SOLID model is powerful short length model for light jigging game. 5ft length rod with 100g super light total weight is one of the biggest characteristic of this model. Unlike the existed solid-blank models which has the wide elasticity, SSR SOLID is sharp, strong lifting power model. 



Natural action model with middle elastic grip section. You can control the jig more softly, and naturally, but lift up with proper rod bending.


Quick, rigid action model with harder blanks compared Flex series.

It has elasticity through the rod tip to the grip, can make more quick, and strong actions.




Guide System

・SIC-S guide 

・double-foot guide for grip guide, single-foot guide for second to top guide

Grip Design

・PTS grip 

・separate type

552RB SOLID [Rigid action]

100~130g jigs model for light to middle class target model.103g total weight will help your accurate action, all day fishing.

553RB SOLID [Rigid action]

Support 150g jigs weight. Targeting 10kg amberjack model.If you mainly use a ”falling action”, 200g jigs also can be used.

554RB SOLID [Rigid action]

Most powerful model with 5.5ft short length. Specialized in heavy weight jigs, deeper area jigging.

573FB SOLID [Flex action]

Most powerful model

Max drag is designed at the horizontal point. 80% of max drag power is ideal for the initial “Max” drag setting, and changing it flexibly at the fighting moment. Actually, the max drag is less than the “breaking drag power”, but we decide it safely by considering the drag performance, motion of a ship, sudden move of fish, rapid highly load.

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