SSR model is for light jigging rod. Two different concept rods has being developed

Natural action model with middle elastic grip section. You can control the jig more softly, and naturally, but lift up with proper rod bending.

Quick, rigid action model with harder blanks compared Flex series.It has elasticity through the rod tip to the grip, can make more quick, and strong actions.





Guide System

・TORZITE guide 

・double-foot guide for grip guide, single-foot guide for second to top guide


Grip Design

・PTS  grip

・separate type 


SSR631FB [Flex action]

Most sensitive light power model in Flex series. Natural, slow action model.

SSR632FB [Flex action]

All-round light jigging power model for sea bream, seabass, cults fish. It can cover shallow to middle range.

SSR633FB [Flex action]

Deeper situation, more quick, high response action model. It can cover middle class amberjacks, deep range cults fish.

SSR611RB [Rigid action]

Most sensitive model in SSR series, which can be controlled 50g-60g light jig with thin line. Technical gaming model.

SSR612RB [Rigid action]

It can make quick action for middle weight jigs. Especially for “slide action jigs” are suitable for this model.

SSR613RB [Rigid action]

All round middle class jigging situation. Light weight, but powerful blanks can lift 10kg class amberjack. 


SSR614RB [Rigid action]

The most powerful, strong model in SSR series. Deeper point, or heavier weight jigs can be controlled. It can attack 100m or even 200m ranges situation. 

SSR633RS [Rigid action]

All round spinning reel model in SSR series. 


Max drag is designed at the horizontal point. 80% of max drag power is ideal for the initial “Max” drag setting, and changing it flexibly at the fighting moment. Actually, the max drag is less than the “breaking drag power”, but we decide it safely by considering the drag performance, motion of a ship, sudden move of fish, rapid highly load.