Strong lifting x Long durability
Enfinity bring you to the Extreme battle with “High-Drag”, and “Heavy-Load” performance.
Enfinity was developed by angler’s voice, “Targeting over 30KG KingFish with Full-standing battle, not only bending the rod but also “Lifting up the fish”.
Through the field testing of big target like KingFish, GT, Tuna all over the world , Enfinity has proved strong lifting power, durability, which bring angler’ ideal fight. Due to the wide elasticity from a tip to the root, angler can easily stand a rod at the heavy-load situation.
Thus, we can say Enfinity is a versatile power rod, between GT and KingFish rod, which also suitable for tuna.

You will feel the big advantage of casting-performance as well. Wide length of elasticity come true the long throwing with minimum power.
・long fore grip for over PE6 line model for standing a rod easily
・ideal thin rod grip
・Back-Stop-Double-Nut reel fixing system





・With few power difference between the tip and root(grip), it can make the wide length of lifting power, and absorbing the fish power as well.
・Focusing on Casting-Distance and Fighting performance model.
・Mainly used Middle elastic Carbon, and reinforced several points by Sub-Carbon.
・Easily stand the rod at the heavy-load situation, lift up the fish with less power.


Guide System

・Durability model which has power guide with smooth line releaser and controllability.
・All Double-foot guide system to achieve the heavy line, heavy plug, and long fight.
・Large guide diameter by using SIC-S achieve the long casting-ability, with less damage for knot part.


Grip Design

・Long fore grip 
・"Back stop double nut system" to hold the reel even the long fight


EN84/8 Tactical plugg’n

Aiming for small plugs technical game up to 10kg King Fish, 20kg tuna.
ex)Ryan130, Rodeo145


EN84/10 Versatile Plugger

Aiming for middle plugging game up to 30kg tuna, 10kg classes king fish.
ex)Ryan160/180, Zorro180/200/220, Rodeo160/175


EN83/12 Super Slugger

Aiming for middle-heavy plugging game over 30kg tuna, 15kg classes king fish. Also suitable for Light-GT rod or even for women. Best for 70g to 110g middle plug, with PE4~6 class, 130lb shock leader.
ex)Ryan200, Zorro220/240, Rodeo195/215


EN83/14 Power Lifter

Aiming for  50kg tuna, 20kg classes king fish. Also suitable for Light-GT with swimming plug rod. Best for 90g to 130g plug, with PE6 class, 130lb shock leader.
ex)Ryan200/230, Zorro240, Rodeo215


EN80/16 Ultimate Dreamer

Aiming for monster fish, 50kg over tuna, over 20kg classes king fish. Best for 100g to 140g plug, with PE8 class, 170lb shock leader.
ex)Ryan230/250, Zorro270


Max drag is designed at the horizontal point. 80% of max drag power is ideal for the initial “Max” drag setting, and changing it flexibly at the fighting moment. Actually, the max drag is less than the “breaking drag power”, but we decide it safely by considering the drag performance, motion of a ship, sudden move of fish, rapid highly load.