AVANT is specialized in super light, sensitive jigging with quite small strategies. 

You can control less than 50g jig with PE#1 or even smaller at 50m range. With AVANT series, you can get a chance to capture super small bait pattern.

 Speedy one pitch jerking, falling action, slow action, all kinds rod action can be easy by sensitive tip. Thus, small tidal current change, or even small attack can be caught sensitively. 




Guide System[ガイド]


Grip Design[グリップ]



AT66NS Natural Finesse

All round natural jigging action model with flexible tip. Small class mahi-mahi, mackerel can be easily lifted up. Removeable grip.


AT66AS Active Finesse

Slow tapered action model with mid-elastic carbon. Compared to natural fitness model, this model is a bit harder. Thus you can make  more quick action. Middle class amberjacks are the main target. Removeable grip. 


Max drag is designed at the horizontal point. 80% of max drag power is ideal for the initial “Max” drag setting, and changing it flexibly at the fighting moment. Actually, the max drag is less than the “breaking drag power”, but we decide it safely by considering the drag performance, motion of a ship, sudden move of fish, rapid highly load.